A positive path for spiritual living

Our Minister

Rev Ann Marie Beale

It is such a joy to be the minister here at Unity in the Valley.   My call to ministry came through a series of experiences, accumulating with a spontaneous, healing miracle.  To make a long story short, after a series of remissions with cancer, I ended up on a respirator with no chance for survival.  Every organ was shutting down and my lungs were brittle, virtually destroyed.  A loved one came and told me to ‘let go and let God’ something that I had always offered for others to do.  I was not able to speak but nodded by head in agreement.  I surrendered.  The next morning the doctors came in and found me totally healed.  The caner was gone, all organs were functioning again and my lungs had rebuilt themselves.   The greatest healing was something in me that was suddenly on fire with Spirit and searching for Spiritual Truth.  

That search ended in Unity, where I found a belief system that is all inclusive, honors the sacredness of all paths that lead to God, recognizes the Divinity within us all & leaves the guilt & sin behind.   I followed the path to ministry.   

Unity in the Valley draws a lively group of seekers and explorers.  As our co-founders Charles & Myrtle Fillmore used to say, “We seek to find the Truth in all things.”  That means that we are ‘Christian and more’ in that we honor all paths that lead to God.   So, we gather in friendship, read, study and explore spiritual teachings of Universal Principles of Truth.  Our Mission & Vision is to “Awaken hearts and minds” by   “Joining together on a positive pathway to peace & love through fellowship, classes and services.”   We joyfully welcome those positive, like-minded seekers who love to study, explore, eat and join together in fellowship!